Bestie’s Bridal Shower Part 1Feb192016


My best friend Nicole and I have been in each other’s lives since kindergarten. We may not have always been in the same class, or even the same school, college, city, or state, but for the last 20+ years, we’ve always been there for each other. She was my Maid of Honor in my wedding 2 years ago, and when she recently became engaged herself, I was honored when she asked (or didn’t really ask, I think it was just kind of assumed) me to be her Matron of Honor, I giddily got to work planning out her Bachelorette and Bridal Shower.

In this blog post, I’ll be sharing with ya the Save The Dates for her Pretty-in-Pink-New-York-Chic Bridal Shower. Click below to follow through to the post, and to read more about what I’m working on at the moment! Muah ~

It all started with her letting me know she wanted a Gossip Girl, “sequins and very chic New York. Like black bows and again, SEQUINS! And a little touch of NY” theme for the shower. Planning it all with her mom, we found a venue, picked a date, and I started in on the sketching process.

nicole-bridalshower-mockup9-600 nicole-bridalshower-mockup8-600

The black envelopes were nixed in favor of a softer and girly pink, and because the bride, as well as two of the bridesmaids live in New York, and the shower will be held in Southern CA, we decided it’d be best to actually send Save The Dates. Since I love creating invitation suites, I jumped at the chance to sketch and design both save the dates and an invitation suite that fit the bill. I think I may have veered closer to a Kate Spade look overall, but have tried to keep everything within the same theme from the beginning.


Throughout the process of designing these, I’ve simultaneously been in the middle of a huge move. My husband and I will be leaving our quaint little 1920s apartment we’ve grown to love so much in San Mateo, CA. It was a hard decision, but one that had to be made, as rent prices in our area have skyrocketed in the last few years. Before we packed everything up, however, I was able to watercolor and hand letter the main elements that I will be using for the design.

nicole-bridalshower-mockup6-600 nicole-bridalshower-mockup7-600

I then scanned everything in and created some mock-ups, complete with the envelope liners. Once these designs were approved both by Nicole’s mom and the bride herself, I ordered the magnets!

nicole-bridalshower-mockup1-600 nicole-bridalshower-mockup5-600

Which promptly arrived, with extra to spare!


Next up I’ll be working on the actual invitations. I’m really excited for those, as I’m planning on creating the RSVP cards as black bow die-cuts with a black sequin ribbon holding it altogether. That will have to wait until the next week or so, though, as we are still in the process of moving. I sent off the Save The Dates today, and also found some more fun decor items for the party itself at a little boutique! I swear, sometimes I think I should have been an Event Designer, as designing out entire spaces and party celebrations/moments really is a love of mine.


To see the event ideas so far, visit the Pinterest board I started for the shower here. Have any ideas for a bridal shower? I’d love to hear them in the comments! All the love <3

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