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Cave Wedding HighlightsJul102014


In five days time, it will have already been eight months since my wedding! I honestly don’t know where the time has gone (mmm, finishing the children’s book, the website… not honeymooning = sadface) …

BUT! I was delightfully treated to our wedding highlight video this last week (you can view it below!), and in getting ready to finally see the unveiling of the full length feature film of our entire day, I was asked to send in some of my favorite photos! So, the last few days I’ve sat myself down to edit a few of our wedding photos that Red Pepper Shots took last November to send to our amazing videographer, Jamie, from All Because He Asked!

Melody & Stephen Wedding Highlight Video; Laguna Beach, CA from All Because He Asked.

Don’t forget to click through the jump below to see the pictures I chose & sent to him! ❤