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Bestie’s Bridal Shower Part 2Mar22016


This is a fun post, and one that I’ve been working on for awhile! In co-planning my best friend Nicole’s Pretty-in-Pink-New-York-Chic Bridal Shower, I’ve had a ton of fun figuring out the theme, and the decor that will go with it! I put together this mood-board to share with the bride and her mom (who is also planning it with me), and decided to make a blog post going over how you can also achieve the look!

For the full list, click on the “Read More” link below, or click on the image above! Much love!


An Illustrative Blog TourSep162014


A good college friend of mine, and amazing illustrator whose floral and intricate ink drawings I adore, Te Chao was sweet enough to name me at the end of her latest blog post, in a fun little continuous blog tour of awesome illustrators from around the world!

Click below to follow through to the post, and to read more about what I’m working on at the moment, what type of illustration I do, a look into my process, and to see who I pass the torch onto next in the blog tour! ❤


Mark Ryden’s Gay 90s WestJun122014


One of the things I miss about living in Southern California is the amazing art galleries and art community that is found throughout it’s landscape. When I heard a few months ago that Mark Ryden would be showcasing his The Gay 90s: West exhibit at the the Kohn Gallery from the beginning of May through the end of June this year, I hoped beyond hope that Steve and I would be able to see it in person on our trip to visit friends and family at the end of May.

We barely made it, making a pit stop at the Hollywood gallery 30 mins before closing on May 27th, on our way to dropping off our rental car and getting to LAX for our flight home to San Francisco. Read on below for my personal review of the exhibit, my thoughts on Ryden’s art (fair warning: I’m a fan), and for visual inspiration and detailed shots of his work.