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In five days time, it will have already been eight months since my wedding! I honestly don’t know where the time has gone (mmm, finishing the children’s book, the website… not honeymooning = sadface) …

BUT! I was delightfully treated to our wedding highlight video this last week (you can view it below!), and in getting ready to finally see the unveiling of the full length feature film of our entire day, I was asked to send in some of my favorite photos! So, the last few days I’ve sat myself down to edit a few of our wedding photos that Red Pepper Shots took last November to send to our amazing videographer, Jamie, from All Because He Asked!

Melody & Stephen Wedding Highlight Video; Laguna Beach, CA from All Because He Asked.

Don’t forget to click through the jump below to see the pictures I chose & sent to him! ❤

These are just a few of the detail photos from the morning of, as I was getting ready at our beach side rental home (Laguna Vista) in Laguna Beach, CA. My wedding dress is a Fall 2012 Lazaro gown. It’s a soft blush, French lace bodice, and full tulle skirt (I swore there had to be 1000s of layers of tulle, but turns out there are exactly 10… lol). Gals, this was my absolute dream dress, and I got it from my absolute dream bridal boutique in Pasadena, CA (Panache) with a few of my besties at my side. The rhinestones throughout the bodice are pink, too! The shoes are Steve Maddens that I spruced up with some silk roses!

The next shot is of our rings. Steve’s was an estate ring we just kept going back to, but we actually added onto the design a bit for him. My engagement ring is a custom rose gold setting, with a princess cut 3 carat natural light pink sapphire (my birthstone), set in a halo of diamonds. My wedding band was actually bought in a completely different store a year later, but we swear it was the exact pair to my engagement ring! It’s also rose gold, features 3 smaller pink sapphires and diamonds, and has a very similar fleur de lis & heart design that mimics my engagement ring perfectly!

Then we have my bouquet and some sweet little initial illustrations I painted and hand-lettered for Steve and I, which were only photographed here. I made my bouquet myself from preserved roses, silk flowers, feathers, glitter tulle + a glittered butterfly. The pearls are rather significant to me: one strand was from a necklace my brother gave me as a Christmas present, one strand was my paternal grandmother’s, while one of the crystal beaded strands was my paternal great-grandmother’s. The other crystal beaded necklace was my maternal great-grandmother’s, and the other was given to me by my mother. The last strand was glass pearl beads from Michaels that I had left over from other wedding projects lol.

The next couple of photos were shot mid-day, at Laguna Nursery, just after we had had our first look. Our entire bridal party (sans the littles) had been standing to the side of us (not shown in the photos below), and as you can sort of tell in the video, Steve was standing in the doorway before he turned around to see me for the first time in my dress. He hates to admit it, but he totally teared up when he saw me, & honestly ladies, it meant the world to me! He very rarely shows that kind of emotion, so it felt even more amazing in that moment! Notice the tissue balled up in my left hand in the first pic – I was tearing up, too!

When Lara from Red Pepper Shots & I scouted for photography locations, Laguna Nursery was at the top of our list, but we weren’t given any guarantee that we’d be able to shoot inside, and even shooting in the back of the garden for our first look wasn’t necessarily sanctioned (we had the okay to shoot in the alley, though). Amazingly, the owner of the Nursery was there that day, and as we were in the alley taking some photos with the bridal party, he welcomed Steve & I to go inside just the two of us for a few photos. It took some very careful navigating (and probably some very silly looking moments of Steve, the videographer and the photographer all helping me hold up my massive tulle gown while going through the narrow and poky aisles of the nursery) – but behold, one of my very favorite photos from the entire day!

These next one was shot at the Lumber Yard Boutique shops in Laguna Beach. Definitely gave us some fairytale like portraits of Steve and I, although we got yelled at for posing in front of the gate by an unhappy dentist / business owner. At least he waited a little while so that we could get in some photos before he shoo’ed us off!

We took quite a few more formal photos with our bridesmaids and groomsmen at Nina’s Park, located on the Laguna College of Art + Design campus. For now I’ll just be sharing this one photo from these. While I attended LCAD, this sideward growing tree was a favorite of mine and all who knew the school. Since Steve and I met while I was still finishing my degree, dated and picnic’d under the tree together, and ultimately ended up getting married at a venue less than a mile from this spot, it meant a lot to me to take photos here.

It got dark fast after, and we realized we suddenly needed to board our party bus and get ourselves all over to the venue! Our ceremony was not short (sorry friends and family…) – but our officiant and us wrote out the entire thing together, and that meant so much to us. We also wrote our own vows! I got very teary eyed and shaky during the ceremony; thinking back on being in those moments… it felt like a dream. I remember colors and lights and blurry smiles from loved ones, and Steve. My constant throughout it all.

But that’s the fun part of getting a wedding video made – I get to relive my wedding, and see things I missed while being in the chaos & bliss of the night! Seriously can’t wait to share more!

As one last little detail to share today, I HAVE to show you our amazing gluten-free tiramisu cake (THANK YOU Layer Cake Bakery for not only taking on my gluten allergy, but also my corn allergy, and for being the only gluten-free bakery I could find willing to do so!). I sent the bakery photos of the invitations that I illustrated, and they copied the flower design exactly for our cake! The topper was lovingly made by both Steve and I; the ceramic base was hand sculpted and glazed by me, and even though I wanted to sculpt a bride and groom but didn’t because I totally panicked at how little time I had left before the wedding, Steve came swooping in to save the day by making the paper book sculpture of a fairytale castle out of an old copy I had of Alice in Wonderland (I have like… 6 different versions of Alice from different publishers/illustrators)! My man is talented, my friends! He completely blew me away – he even made sure to put colored illustrations from the book inside all the windows so it looked like the lights were on! Who would have thought of that?!

Photography: Red Pepper Shots // Videography: All Because He Asked // Venue + Catering: Tivoli Too! Laguna Beach, California // Photography Locations: Laguna Vista, Laguna Nursery, The Lumber Yard Boutiques, Laguna College of Art + Design // Gluten-Free Tiramisu Cake: Layer Cake Bakery // Event Design + Planning: Obsessively designed, planned & hand crafted by the bride & Tivoli Too! // Floral Design: Bouquets & Boutonnieres by the bride, Reception Centerpieces by Bella Flora // Makeup + Hair: Brie Does Makeup // Music: Diamond DJ’s Entertainment // Bride’s Wedding Gown: Lazaro Fall 2012 / Groom’s Velvet Jacket: Vintage 1970s Yves Saint Laurent  ❤

Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments! I’d love to hear what you think! I want to get more photos edited and put up to share with you all… what do you think, should I focus on just small sections of the wedding? Like, start with the Girls Getting Ready, the first look, the photo booth!? Let me know what you’d like to see next!

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  • Lisa

    July 10, 2014 7:33 am

    Omg Mel you look stunning in your wedding photos snd Steve looks very sharp in them as well. It brings so much joy to my heart to see you guys happy together! I wish you both so much happiness today and forever!!

    • Melody

      +reply July 15, 2014 3:59 pm

      I love you Lis! I also haven’t forgotten about the pink elephant for Amya, either! Rearranging the studio, and then only have one other commission to wrap up and then I’ll be starting in on it! I’ll contact ya when I start :)

  • Kacie

    +reply July 13, 2014 4:40 am

    Oh my goodness, what an incredibly gorgeous wedding!! You were absolutely stunning, and I don’t even know you and loved the first look! 😉 I also have to say I feel like your blog so matches everything about the wedding, and both really must be so very you! :)

    • Melody

      +reply July 15, 2014 3:57 pm

      Aww, thank you Kacie! And yes, I must admit, the style of the wedding certainly was very me (Steve got some say in there, too, though. If not for him EVERYTHING would have been blush pink and gold lol, but I love the teal, aquas and mints, too), and even though I designed the website and blog after the wedding, I still feel like both were just extensions of me :)

  • Sybil

    +reply August 18, 2014 11:14 pm

    What a GORGEOUS bride, and beautiful fairy tale wedding! It all suits you so well! Your wedding video brought me to tears…you can feel the love just by watching it! You are a beautiful couple! Melody your outside matches your insides! Wishing you both a life time of love and happiness!